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Teex team
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Richard Teeex

Founder and Senior Barber

Specialist in men's haircuts with more than 9 years of career in addition to being an Educator, Speaker and influencer in the barbershop market, winner of the Regional Cut and Gradient award.

  • Instagram - Black Circle
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  • YouTube - Richard Teex

Rian Teex

professional barber

+ 6 years of profession, trained since he was 16 years old by Specialist Richard Teex, conquered his own space, standing out and maintaining the quality of his surname in his cuts.

  • Instagram - @rianteex
  • Facebook rianteex
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Renan Teex

professional barber

throughout his 4 years as a professional barber, Renan Teex has stood out for his charisma and professional dedication

  • Instagram - @renanteex
  • Facebook renanteex

Willy Carrilho

Administrative/Marketing Manager

Willy is responsible for various administrative tasks and also for digital marketing and visual creation of the brand, as well as advising speaker Richard Teex.

(11) 957732550

  • Instagram - @srwonk
  • Facebook willy.carrilho
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